About Rev. JJ

A proud native of Miami, Florida, JJ has committed his life and work to seeing the Church be a place of welcome to and for all. Motivated by the conviction that ministry is a lifestlye of service to others, he's worked diligently to be well equipped in this work, both in skill and knowledge. JJ earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion, minoring in Church Ministries before graduating with a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. JJ is also an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ.

JJ's spiritual journey has exposed him to various communities of faith and denominations within Christianity. As a result, he has served in several ministerial capacities and in various ministry settings over the last decade. He is currently the Pastor of Emmanuel Congregational Church, UCC in Watertown, NY. Prior to pastoring at Emmanuel, JJ was engaged in the work of chaplaincy both on a university campus and within the hospital setting. This work has allowed him be present and journey with others as they celebrate the highs and navigate the lows of life. Each role, JJ believes, has strengthened his resolve to be an advocate for others.

Having been born with a disability, advocating for those with disabilities is an integral part of living out his call. In pursuit of bringing greater awareness to the intersections of theology and disability and its impact on the Church’s mission and ministry, JJ is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Drew University Theological School and is also a member of the United Church of Christ's Disabilites Ministries Board of Directors. While the work of disabilty inclusion and justice is a major part of his ministry it does not end there, as he believes there's room for everyone at the table.

JJ's greatest joy and responsibility is to his wife and children. When he's not wearing his "collar" you can find JJ with his family searching for something to stream.